1. Two Fingers - Venue #36

    Shop 2B, 27 Russell Street, City

    21st July 2011

    • Lamb Special - Slow Cooked in Red Wine & Rosemary served on Spaghetti $13
    • Vietnamese Stew $13

    This cafe is tucked away on south the end of Russell Street. The upstairs is dark and cosy though it seemed to lack table service on this day. There’s a limited set menu with hearty hot dishes amongst other items. I chose the Lamb Special. I don’t make lamb dishes myself so I rarely have the chance to eat it. The dish was served with spaghetti which made the eating a little bit messy as it invariably does. The lamb was beautifully cooked and practically melted in the mouth. All in all this was a pleasant meal. 

    3/5 Stars

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